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  1. Louise

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading 🙂 It certainly is a difficult time and it has been a strange year. I have to agree with you about the schools, it seems a bit pointless us all going into a lockdown in the UK and yet the schools staying open… but yeah!

    Good luck with your Etsy shop, this is something I’m also thinking about but I have no products at the moment, so you’re further ahead than me haha. And 3 products is impressive, we all have to start somewhere. 🙂 Hope it goes well.

    Stay safe,


  2. Catherine Green

    Good luck with your Etsy shop! I say go for it, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain even with reduced stock. I’m finding this second lockdown very odd. My daughters are at school and I’m still walking the dog every morning with a friend, but we can’t stop for coffee like we used to. I also believe that lockdown should include all schools and businesses, because right now it feels mostly like normal life…
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  3. Rhiann

    Hello again Anne, thank you once again for sharing your thoughts and insights in your life; it’s always such a pleasure spending a few minutes finding out how everyone is doing. I agree that often experimenting is sometimes thee only thing we can do to figure out how best to cope with the demands of chronic illness. It is good that although the infusions aren’t a cure, that we all wish we could find, you know now that it is something that helps you and gives you a better quality of life. And the best of luck with your planned endeavours – the relaunch of your second blog and your etsy shop. Both sound like a wonderful way to spend time and am sure something that helps take your mind off everything going on and is therapeutic! You might not have much to offer yet but all the best entrepenuners had to start somewhere! Take care x

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