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  1. thejoyousliving

    oh no! I am so sorry to hear about those spasms in your chest. those can be so draining and scary and well just – annoying. hope your doctor is able to help you get those under control asap!


  2. Carrie Kellenberger

    Hi Anne! It has been a while since I’ve stopped by your site. I always mean to visit more frequently than I do! I liked your entry this month and wanted to say that I never thought of arranging the prompts. Breathing is my most favorite prompt too and I’m always amazed at how deep breathing techniques can assist with almost every situation. Smiles do too.

    Take care!

  3. Nikki Albert

    It is strange the smiling thing. I learned about it years ago from research that basically said what that post said. You smile, your brain can’t tell whether you are happy or not, and releases chemicals like it is. And so faking a smile does the same thing as smiling. I used this at work until I started smiling more and more and my goofy humour came out more and more. And I became known for my very well known giggle.

    Anyway, it was a coping strategy… but also a facade that hid a Whole lot. These days I smile, I laugh, I joke around. Unless the pain is like really high and that is how everyone knows it is because my personality flatlines. But I don’t think I will ever lose my sense of humour about life or find things to laugh and smile about.

  4. Claire

    So true that we take breathing for granted. It just happens doesn’t it, until it becomes more difficult . . . With a breathing pattern disorder and bouts of costochondritis breathing has become more tricky for me at times as well.

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