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  1. Kim Carberry

    What lovely memories you have of your parents. They sounded like wonderful people. I am sure our kids will have fond memories of us.
    You have got me thinking about my parents. With my dad it’s always him sitting watching the football and falling asleep, smelling of petrol and oil from working on cars and eating Fruit & Nut chocolate. It’s the little things like that which stick with me. x

    • Anne Sweet

      Aww lovely Kim, I remember my Dad wasn’t a chocolate eater but he’d have a couple of bottles of Double Diamond on a Saturday night and it was my Mum that would have the fruit and nut while I would have a mint Aero. I used to spend ages smoothing out the foil wrapper that they no longer use.

  2. Chickenruby

    What lovely memories you have of your parents, sadly mine aren’t that good and I’m not sure all my children will have fond memories of me either.
    Thank you for joining in with #pocolo

  3. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    Aw, this is such a lovely post Anne and lovely memories too.
    I have lots of memories of my parents, some nice, some funny but they did argue a lot as we grew up, so that kind of stuck with me.
    I do remember my mum trying to sing to me when I was a toddler if I was trying to get to sleep and I remember it sounding bloody awful haha! Singing is not her strong point. xx

    • Anne Sweet

      haha, that is so funny Jayne about your Mum’s singing. I used to sing a lot but I don’t anymore, my kid’s have enough being tortured vocally by their Dad. I don’t have any memories of my Mum and Dad arguing which I guess is good. xx

  4. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I love this post, what lovely memories you have of your dad and of your mum. It is interesting to wonder what our children will remember about us, and I am sure those little moments will be some of those things. Most of my memories of my nan are from when she was in a wheelchair and while I do have that image of her in her wheelchair in my head whenever I think of her, what stands out most is the love she exuded and all the little things she did to make our stays with her and my grandad fun. I think those kinds of memories are the ones that really stick. #PoCoLo

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