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  1. Kim Carberry

    Christmas is different when the kids are older but we are just changing things, making new traditions and memories.
    That is sad that you can’t crochet as much as you used to and I was thinking to myself it is just a matter of time before the WotW linky ends with only a few of us taking part. A lot who joined in years ago are not even blogging anymore which is a shame. I will still keep on writing my Word of the Week though as I think it’s a good way to round up the week. I know what you mean, linkies are not what they used to be.
    The power saving evenings sound like a lot of fun. x

  2. Sarah

    Sorry to hear that things are difficult at the moment, and I do hope that you manage to get the rest that it sounds like you need over the festive period. Look after yourself and Merry Christmas

    Sarah x

  3. Lauren Watt

    Thanks for sharing some of your life here, Anne! This is my second time participating in a linkup with A Chronic Voice, and I enjoy it. I didn’t realize that you had a weekly linkup; I might participate occasionally if you keep it. I enjoy linkups and have been looking for more to participate in. I hope that you have a blessed Christmas despite your hardships.

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