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  1. Catherine

    This was a really interesting read and good on you for shouting out to help others. I have had MECFS for many years but it’s only now that people have Long Covid that it feels like the condition is really being recognised and hopefully more research will be done. I wish Celine all the best and hope that she will be able to help raise awareness of your condition as she learns to manage it.


  2. Kim Carberry

    When the news first broke about Celine Dion I thought of you. You are the reason I know about Stiff Person Syndrome and now I hope it gets a bit more publicity and more awareness around it. This was so interesting to read. Sending love and hugs to you. x

  3. Ruth

    I hope that more research and treatment options result from more awareness of Stiff Person Syndrome. It sounds like it’s a long road ahead for Celine Dion and I wish her all the best. I can’t understand people being so mean to suggest that you were attention seeking! And the lack of empathy from that doctor after your car accident is just awful. I think it’s great that you write this blog to help others and raise awareness. I know that I am learning a lot after reading your blog. Thanks Anne xx

  4. Jayne

    I thought of you when I heard the news of Celine Dion. Stiff Person Syndrome certainly needs more awareness. I learnt a lot from your post Anne and hopefully others will too. Sending big hugs. x

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