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  1. joleisa

    Well, congrats on getting on with your book! And glad you got the chance to venture out some more and farther too. I hope that your son gets the help he deserves. So good that you were there to help define things for him. Have a lovely weekend and a great week ahead.

  2. Kim Carberry

    It sounds like the meeting with the psychologist was frustrating. Specialists can’t judge a child just from a one off meeting. Sending love and hugs.
    Well done with the driving. It sounds like you are building your confidence though, you’ll get there, I’m sure.
    I have been reading your Substack, good luck with your book. x

  3. Karen

    The way they judge a child’s needs for an EHCP is ridiculous. As you know it has to be worst case scenario or no help. Bless your Little Man though I’m glad he was having a good day. It’s just such a shame they never look any deeper. We shouldn’t have to fight for everything, it isn’t right. I shall go and have a look at your Substack!

  4. chickenruby

    I hope you’ve got good support from school with your sons EHCP. I keep trying to feel Christmas and have been out looking at things but can’t get going at home just yet. Thanks for linking up with #pocolo

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