Friday, 23 May 2014


My word of the week this week is Shopping because I have another tale to tell.

My griping about online grocery shopping has been expressed before when I had a lot of problems back in February. I have tried alternatives, I've been shopping and come home in a taxi and I've tried shopping with a free home delivery and both were fine but much more expensive. Not only do I tend to put more in my trolley and spend more money, but the added cost of bus fares or taxi fares pushes the cost up even more. We are a family that spends in excess of £200 on food every week, I really cannot afford to spend more. Online shopping does work out cheaper mostly, you can keep a tab on how much you spend and keep delivery costs low, and they are cheaper than bus or taxi fare.

I guess I'm just doomed for disaster!

This week I did my online shop but went out on the day. It was ok, I'd chosen a four hour slot and OH was home. Only I was back late at 3.30pm (road works!) and OH had to pick up Boo from school at 3pm. Guess what time they delivered my shopping? Yes, 3.15pm! It could have been anytime between 12 and 4pm and they came at the only time we were both out! They offered to deliver the next day.

The next day came, but the shopping did not! I received a text to say my order had been cancelled because payment had been declined. A quick check with my bank told me that I'd not enough money in my account to pay for the shopping (I was £2 short) because I'd been charged for the shopping I had not received the day before. IT WAS THE SAME SHOPPING!!

So, I called the shop and they were very apologetic and promised to deliver my shopping the next day and not to take anymore money.

My shopping did not arrive the next day. Why? Because even though they had picked the shopping and put it on the van, they had not given the driver a time slot to deliver it, so he took it back to the depot.

By now, my anger has dissipated and I'm laughing. It really is a joke.

Today my shopping arrived in the alloted time slot with no substitutions..phew! However, I was charged the highest amount for delivery because of it being Friday. Also, my bank is still showing a pending payment for the shopping I have not received which means I cannot access my money.


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  1. Oh no! I have to admit I haven't done online grocery shopping often in the UK, and it doesn't seem to be an option where I am in the US at the moment... This is definitely not making me feel like I am missing out :) #WotW

  2. Agh, what a complete pain! Glad they sorted it in the end, and I really hope you had enough food for a few days and didn't have to 'top up' adding to the expense!

  3. Oh no, no, no! Sounds like a total fiasco and I can see how this would dominate your week! I have to say, I always food shop on-line, but having tried Asda a couple of times, I wouldn't again, as there were problems both times. I hope you sort something better out! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Online delivered shopping isn't an option here in France - looks like I have escaped lightly! Good luck getting it all to work next shopping day.

  5. Oh no what a drama! I loved my online Tesco shopping and miss it terribly now I'm in Canada where online shopping isn't available. I don't enjoy food shopping one bit, it's such a pain no matter how you do it! #WotW

  6. Whoa thats epic fail! I am so glad that there are lots of supermarket near my house. I live near the high street and the town. Tesco (not the cheapest) is few minutes walk away. Tesco is okay as long as we dont spend anything on gas and we have those vouchers from them. I hope you can work this out. I know how it is to need to save. Hope you can find something that will work and I will write to ASDA if I were you .. just to getthis thing sorted. = #WOTW

  7. Don't you just hate it when everything just keeps going wrong? I would most definitely write to Asda and let rip!

  8. I've seen so much of this lately! This puts me off online shopping but it would be so much easier instead of getting a baby in and out of the car etc.

    Amy @

  9. What a pain! It is just like this was meant to go wrong from start to finish. You must have been so annoyed (and hungry!). You should definitely write a letter of complaint to ASDA, that is not on! Mel #WotW

  10. I have never done an online food shop although now I am without a car it probably would be easier, cheaper and less stessful! This sounds awful and I would definitely write in to complain if I were you #WotW


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