Saturday, 1 October 2016

My Sunday Photo and Blogtober16 2nd October 2016

photo of me as a little girl

Today's theme for Blogtober16 is 'an old photo of you.' Well, is this old enough? By the way, it hasn't been edited to black and white, it was taken with a black and white camera circa. 1969. We were on our way to a wedding. The man sitting at the table in the background is my Dad.

I'm looking rather miserable, probably because my dummy had been taken away from me. There is another photo of me in the same place with my dad, with my dummy shoved firmly back in, I believe they gave up trying to make me smile without it. I think I was probably too old for a dummy but mum had to make use of the hundreds of dummies she was given when she left her job in a dummy factory to have me.



Sunday Snap

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