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  1. Steph Curtis

    I didn't enjoy this week's quite as much either, it did get a bit too much 'drama' and less realistic I thought. I think they're just trying to show that the mum is desperate to do anything to help Joe – I remember the early days of researching everything too. I also stretch a long way to try and make sure the sibling is not ignored or forgotten, so again I think they're just over dramatising that. Am looking forward to see where they go with it next week – as someone else said, it would be better as a soap opera than just a 6 part series!

  2. Tracy

    I only watched the first two – the other two have been recorded so I need to catch up. I think that most autism parents will compare this fictional story to their own experience but it's a drama for a reason. It's not a factual documentary. The problem is that it's difficult for people to see it for what it is as it's too close to home and maybe for some, it triggers some of those feelings in the early days of diagnosis. It's certainly got people talking though. Off to watch the two episodes now so I can understand what people are talking about. 😉 #SpectrumSunday

  3. Sons, Sand & Sauvignon

    I'm about twenty minutes into this episode. Hubby doesn't like it so I agreed to turn it off when he got home. I didn't like the speech therapist much either, she seemed very unprofessional. Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday this week lovely, hope you join me again this week xx

  4. Car0221

    I read this blog for the first time and I quite like and agree with the point "As families we need people to understand that we are doing the best we can, especially when times are difficult. Autistic people need to be understood so that they will be more readily accepted into society." If required Psychiatrist help can be taken.

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