I’ll Never Dance La Macarena Again

On Saturday evening we went to a family party. It was a  proper party, you know the type where a hall is hired and decorated, there is a dance floor and a DJ, a fabulous buffet and a couple of the new additions, a sweet store and photo booth.
The hall was full with party goers and everyone was set to have a good time.

The kids had great fun chasing the disco lights around the room before the adults had plucked up the dutch courage to fill the dance floor. They also loved the photo booth and took up so much time in there we had to drag them out to let others have a go. They enjoyed dancing along to their favourite tunes and playing with new friends that they made. I used to love parties like this when I was their age and it looks like they love them too. They didn’t want to go home, even at 11.30pm!

young children chasing the disco lights across the dance floor
chasing disco lights

I was happy to sit in my chair and watch the fun. Having hubby top up the drinks and wait in the queue to fetch me food. I’d been chatting online with someone earlier about how I’d never been much of a dancer, well, not after my teenage years had passed anyway. I would dread that moment when a friend or family member would grab me up to dance. I admit, I have no rhythm, no style, I never knew where to put my feet or my arms and always felt totally clumsy and a little bit ridiculous. Not any more though. Now I can’t dance for real. There is no wiggle, no co-ordination, no balance, nothing. So it’s a good thing isn’t it? Something to be thankful for. Who’s going to drag me on the floor in my wheelchair?

I have a confession to make though. I used to love party dances, oh yes, I knew them all, ‘La Macarena,’ Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night,’ ‘Oops Upside Your Head,’ even the ‘Cha Cha Slide.’ You don’t have to worry about where to put your hands and feet so long as you already know the routine. You may look as daft as hell, but at least everyone else dancing looks just as daft, it’s all uniform, everyone is doing the same or at least trying too. That’s the only time I felt comfortable dancing. There is one I’ve not tried yet, Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) and my girls were on the dance floor leading the way.

my two girls dancing to Watch Me Whip, Watch me Nae nae
Watch Me!

Suddenly, I felt a pang.

I’ll never whip or nae nae, or hop and slide, or even Macarena ever again. I felt sad.

But only for a while.

I’ve had my time, years and years of parties like this, years of dancing whether I wanted to or not. I’m lucky, I’ve had fun, I’ve got drunk until I’ve fallen over, I’ve danced on tables, I spent the next day in bed swearing never ever again! (some things you don’t miss eh!)

Now I can watch my little ones having fun and get my enjoyment from them.

There is no need to focus on the can’t dos. Life is more than the things you can or cannot do.  I have to let go of the past, accept life the way it is now and have faith that life will still be good.

Dad and the two girls giving me the thumbs up sign
It’s going to be Okay!

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