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  1. Kim Carberry

    About 8 years ago our neighbours wheelie bin was set on fire during the night and put against their back door. They were trapped upstairs and fire engines were called and at about 3am we were awoken and evacuated from our house. Ellie has been terrified of fire ever since. We have started lighting the living room fire, we’ve didn’t have one in the old house that we used and she is so wary. She makes me switch it off when I leave the room. It is horrible fears stick with us from childhood.
    I don’t think I’m scared of ghosts either, I haven’t seen any or had any spooky moments so I would say that. lol

  2. Enda Sheppard

    I was never afraid of monsters or ghosts when I was a kid, Anne, but I wouldn’t go to any scary place late at night either!! I wonder was it that as a iid, there were so many people around all the time, there was no chance to be alone and have scary thoughts!

    • Anne Sweet

      You have a point there, I know we had no fears of going out in the dark, my Mum would drag me and my Little Brother around a lot, especially doing errends for her Mum. There were always people around and we were never scared. Now, we don’t dare go to our local shops in the dark. There are still people around, but not the kind that make you feel safe. 🙁

  3. Kate Holmes

    I am so sorry about the fire trauma – how awful for those involved and that includes.
    I find the presence of ghosts more comforting than anything and absolutely believe in them including living ones having seem someone somewhere who was proved not to have been where I saw him only minutes later and I loved him so I know it was him. When my late mum passed away I was crying etc and all of a sudden my small son giggled in his sleep in a delightful way and a way he had not done before. I got the feeling my mum was telling me that life does indeed go on and to get on with things and stop the tears. It was comforting to me then and still is now. There is definitely more to this life than we know. #Blogtober19

    • Anne Sweet

      I think we all have our different beliefs and superstitions. I know that I have felt and heard ‘presences’ how could I have imagined the girls crying not even knowing she’d lived there? But, I don’t think there is anything to be afraid of.

    • Anne Sweet

      No-one was hurt in the fire because it happened during the daytime and they all got out safely. But the house was in such an awful state and it was horrible watching it burn. I think my Mum could have been a bit more sensitive and taken me away somewhere else, especially at such a young age.

  4. Heather Keet

    I worry about house fires a lot. Our family home burned down in my late teens and since then I am always worried about what is plugged in and turned on when I leave the home. My biggest fear though is sharks. I won’t go into any natural body of water because of it. #DreamTeam

    • Anne Sweet

      How awful for you Heather. When my OCD was at it’s worst, I would only allow something to be plugged into a socket if it was being used. So, even if we were not watching television, the plug would not be in. The only thing I won’t allow these days is phone chargers being plugged in when no-one is in the room.

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