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  1. Justin

    Thank you for linking to my site 🙂 I hope you enjoy the scavenger hunt. Diddy man is really looking forward to having a go on Halloween night. You mentioned The Rats by James Herbert and it brought back a lot of memories! I was always a big fan of James Herbert right back to my teens, and The Rats was the first one I read of his! I might just start reading one of his again 🙂

  2. Kate Holmes

    It’s odd as they get older. I miss the days when we could all be silly about Halloween. This year I have one overseas living away from me and our only Halloween plans so far are to bake a French Halloween cake.
    I don’t remember Halloween being a thing when I was little with the focus very much on Bonfire Night instead. I hate the more horror sides of it all to be honest. #Blogtober19

  3. Kim Carberry

    We decorate for Halloween and watch some films. Nothing scary though, carve pumpkins and the kids are going trick or treating. I didn’t like Halloween until the kids were born. lol
    It sounds like a good idea to go somewhere to do the pumpkin carving. Saves cleaning up the mess yourself!
    Thank you for the mention x

  4. Alex Newton

    Although we have a big Halloween bash most years, like you I’m rubbish when it comes to horror movies and won’t watch them.
    The pumpkins look amazing. Hoping ours turn out as good when we visit our local farm tomorrow.

  5. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    We used to read The Rats under the covers after lights out, in our dorm. Years later, I sat behind James Herbert at a school play. He was not as I imagined. The book haunted me though. Especially when I worked in London and sometimes caught the last underground train home. Uneasy feeling when you are on your own and watching the mice and rats on the line. Brrr! Thank you for including my pumpkin spice. #mmbc

    • Anne Sweet

      The rats was scary, but I think by the third book I was quite immune to the fright. It was The Fog that haunted me most, some of the scenes described still play on my mind.

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