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  1. Sheryl

    Thank you so much, Anne, for joining us each time we have a linkup. I really appreciate the support and participation 🙂 I am sorry to hear about Star, and your own mysterious pains. I totally understand what you mean, as I too have had such experiences, though of a different nature. Being passed around from psychiatrist to neurologist to rheumatologist. The thing about my Lupus I guess, is that it likes to ‘travel’ around my body haha.

    I hope you manage to stay inspired and peaceful. Sending love!

  2. Sarah Warburton

    Hello Anne – I do hope things begin to look up for you soon. As Kim wrote above, it seem so unjust having all of these things launched at you. Every time I read one of your posts, your strength and tenacity shine through. Sending you very best wishes


  3. Ruth

    So sorry you have to deal with chronic illness and pain as well as your family’s health issues. I do hope and pray that things will improve. Sending love xxx

  4. Carrie Kellenberger

    Hi Anne,

    My heart goes out to you. So I’ll start with something fun in regards to your tv comments because I do it too! Have you seen Blown Away on Netflix? I ask because you mentioned you liked the pottery show. Blown Away is about the art of glass blowing. I binged it. LOL.

    I’m so sorry to hear how much you’re dealing with. Your comment about having two modes: fully in charge and dealing with it and then not being able to do a single thing – Oh how this resonates with me. That is such a perfect description of what I’m living. Sending you love and understanding.

    • Anne Sweet

      I’ll have to look out for Blown Away, my adult son used to do glass blowing at college and I’ve got many of his creations. It might be something he’d like to watch with me. Thanks for your kindness x

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