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  1. Northumberland Mam

    Bless you! Sending love and hugs. It sounds like you have been having a rough time.
    Good luck with the consultants appointment…
    I had a pretty rubbish week last week and had a delivery of flowers too for a review. They came just at the right time to cheer me up too x

  2. chaosinkent

    Sorry you had such a rubbish week but it is great that you can find a few positives in there.
    As for what do I do when life throws me lemons, I have just discovered some great podcasts. Like you, I love reading but occasionally get headaches. My vertigo over the last month or two has made reading difficult but I like to escape reality too. I have been listening to Serial – a weekly podcast covering a real life crime and looking at different aspects of the crime, Up and Vanished – again a weekly podcast covering a real life crime. I have also been following Michelle Reeves podcast – Sparkle on Mama – which has regular podcasts offering tips on being productive and being kind to ourselves. All worth a listen. I put them on as I cook dinner, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, etc. Hope this week is kinder to you x

  3. pinkiebag

    God luck with the consultants appointment its always good to focus on the positives, I am rubbish at crochet but the disaster of it would no doubt make me smile #mmbc

  4. optrixxaris1

    I'm sorry to read of the past negatives that have happened. It's great that you are aware of the things that give you happiness and act as pick me ups in your life. I wonder whether listening to story books would work well instead of reading them. #MMBC

  5. Jayne @ SMABL

    Oh Anne, I'm sorry to hear you had a rough week. Mine sounds a little like this too! I hope you got on well at your appointment.
    I am learning to crochet, but I need a little more practice!

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Have a lovely weekend and see you next week xx

  6. Lisa Pomerantz

    I am so sorry for a bad week. It sounds very bad and it is good that you can even write the word positive, let alone be positive! I would say last week was rough for many…variations on a theme. I breathe, take a walk outside (with Gatsby if I am not at work), take pictures, and try to put things in perspective. Not much comfort in knowing someone, somewhere has it worse, but perspective is important a lot of the time. Stay strong, feel well and keep doing what you are doing. #blogcrush xoxo

  7. Lucy At Home

    I am so sorry to hear that you've had such a tough week. When I'm having a bad week, I like to list things that have gone well too – it helps me to find some balance – but it can be a really difficult thing. I also play music to help relax me and I it is a vent for my emotions. I hope that your appointment goes well and that this week is a lot better for you #blogcrush

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