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  1. Liberty on the Lighter Side - (LoLS)

    That quote is lovely, I need to remember that one. You seem to have discovered the real secrets to staying positive, even though you've had a rough journey, it's amazing how you have been able to forgive those who have hurt you. I agree that forgiveness is central and I'd add being thankful.#TheMMLinky

  2. nightwisprav3n

    Staying positive isn't always easy but its worth it every day to think positive in spite of any bad situation that may arise. I wrote a post about this just last week:) #MondayStumble

  3. comfortspring

    Like you it lives in me – a little ray of sunshine. Sometimes something bad happens – like in 2003 when 1/4 of the staff at my job were laid off. Me included. People were angry, sad, hysterical, etc. I acted logical leaving and as I later said to a friend, I fall down on my butt, and slide a minute and say poor me Then I get up, dust myself off, and say ok what I can to make it better. #MMBC

  4. The Daisy Pages

    What a really lovely post…it's taken me a long time to understand how forgiving people is the healthiest and life-affirming thing to do. You sum it up so nicely x

  5. Kate

    I wonder if losing someone so important so early in life resulted in you realising how fragile and precious life is and led to you having such a great attitude to life. I am sorry to hear your marriage was unhappy – I know that place and it is no fun at all #TheMMLinky

  6. MumofThree World

    I love your attitude! I’m not great at staying positive, although I’m getting better, and I have no reason to be anything other than positive! I know I’m lucky and have a very good life, but I’ve always been a glass half empty kind of person.

  7. Emma Murphy

    I love this post. And yes I’m a bit like this too. I always say I haven’t the energy to hold grudges (or the memory). I’ve had more than my fair share of shite I’d say but feeling sad about it only makes it worse. I try hard to find the positives in everything. I have days when I feel sad and I allow that but I work at looking on the bright side.

  8. Rebecca Beesley

    This is lovely Anne. I wish I was a better forgiver- sometimes takes me a long time even though I know it's better when I do. I'm afraid I can't agree with you on the dandelions- well I don't like them in my garden anyway ?

  9. optrixxaris1

    Staying positive feels difficult at times. I know many people think they will gain positivity through being grateful. #mmbc

  10. hampersandhiccups

    It took me a long time to realize I needed to start forgiving others AND myself. I can hold a mean grudge, I can, but I always feel better if I forgive. Counting my blessings also helps me to stay positive!

  11. stephstwogirls

    You have such a brilliant attitude; you are an inspiration to me. I deal with things by saying 'once it's done, it's done, and we have to move on from that and decide what happens next, not dwell on it' xx #TheMMLinky

  12. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, so that's how you stay positive! I do like to look for positives too, but I'm not sure if I could if I were in your position. I do agree that holding on to negatives and not 'letting things go' is a sure way to end up bitter and twisted. I do believe there is good in every bad if you look hard enough and use a little imagination. I am also sure that not everyone can see positives or let go of grudges.

    Take care and have a good week.


  13. Lucy At Home

    This is so inspirational, Anne. I totally agree with you – our attitude to life is the key to deciding whether we've had a good one or been dealt a rubbish hand. It sounds like you have had more than your fair share of difficulties but it's great that you can also see so many good things and focus on those, after all, thinking of the bad only makes us miserable #blogcrush

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