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  1. Jenny@thebrickcastle

    This is such a great post after last week's sadness. I'm delighted that you have some relief from the constant pain. It's no wonder you trip and stumble at times, I am so glad you were able to get back up. Your fella is a star. You are a star. Everything crossed for a continuation of the respite! Xx

  2. Louisa

    I am so pleased that you are feeling positive again. There are so many ups and downs with long term illness and treatments, it's only natural that you will struggle from time to time. I hope you continue to get relief from your treatment #MMBC

  3. rebecca Beesley

    it's always a double edged sword when it comes to treatments isn't it – with side effects sometimes making us question whether it's worthwhile. glad the pain reduced with the latest treatment and hopefully may you continue to see improvements. xxx

  4. Kel @ SchoolRunShop

    I'm so pleased the treatment has had a more positive effect this time! It's lovely to hear your positivity shining through again (although I still don't know how you do it!). Thanks for linking up again #TheMMLinky

  5. mackenzieglanville

    You are certainly entitled to feel down, it is so much to go through and being in pain is so horrible! I am glad you are looking towards the positives and feeling less pain, less you xx #BlogCrush

  6. Alice Letters to my Daughter

    What a great quote <3 sorry to hear you've been having a rough time but so pleased the treatment is working and you're feeling better at the moment! Just keep swimming 🙂 #BlogCrush

  7. Lisa Pomerantz

    You've accomplished so much, in finding our positivity again! It really does help. Mindset is so important to our health! Feel good and know we care! <3 #blogcrush xoxo

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