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  1. Kim Carberry

    There has been so much change over the last couple of weeks.
    Poor Star, I really do feel for her. It is sad that she’s isn’t getting to do the same as her peers and instead has visits to hospital and nurses popping round. She really is a Star!!
    Aww! Well done Boo for going back to school. Year 11 is scary enough without the added pressure of being at a not so good school. It sounds like the head of year is a good teacher. It is sort of sweet that she tried to keep it from you to keep you from stressing even more.
    Good luck with the home education for your Little Man and I hope a school place comes up soon. x

  2. Joleisa

    So sorry to hear about all the issues with the family. I really pray that things settle soon. You have quite a lot on your plate at the moment so no wonder your daughter tried to protect you. As a country it’s a lot of changes to, isn’t it?

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’m sorry that Star’s been unable to enrol in college due to being sick. It must be so hard with all the changes in routine and not being able to rejoin her peers. Well done to her on coping so well with all the changes. I hope that things start to improve soon for her. Poor Boo being so anxious about all the changes at school. I’m glad the head of year reached out and helped ease some of that anxiety. Hope that she is settling in ok back at school and coping with the changes. Hope home-schooling Little Man goes well and good luck with finding a new secondary school for him. Such a lot going on for you all right now. Sending virtual hugs x #WotW

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