Today was a momentous day, my gorgeous blonde curly headed boy went for his first haircut. It was time. I couldn’t hold back any longer, it was time for my baby to become a little boy.

So Little Man, how do you feel about having a haircut? No need to be rude!
I know it’s a little scary having it done for the first time, sitting high in that chair with a big black cape hiding the rest of you.

Gorgeous as you are, that hair definitely needs cutting, I’ll look forward to seeing your big blue eyes.

 And the hair comes tumbling down. Hey mum, do I look like my teddy bear?

All done, looking good son, looking good.

I’ll just weep over my little memento, boo hoo.

My Little Man looks all grown up now, goodbye baby xxx


How colourful and welcoming this
nursery at the Virtuous
Women’s Bakery was. Lots of
bright posters on the wall. Lots of children who wanted their picture taken
while their mums baked bread. We arrived to children singing and dancing and
mums catching up before worked


is a digital postcard sent from TeamHonk (;;
during their travels with Comic Relief in Ghana celebrating

For the past 25 years the money raised through Red Nose
Day has been changing the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in
the UK and Africa. Let’s Keep Up the Good Work. Find out how at
For other digital postcards please do join up and check
out the linky on


I’m a mum to a toddler, of course I’d have the chance to review a product for blocked up noses. How does someone so little get such big monsters in his tiny nose?
The worst thing about a stuffy nose is the sleepless nights. He’ll keep waking because he can’t breathe properly and when he does sleep he snores like a gorilla.
Aqua Maris is a nasal decongestant made with water from the Adriatic Sea which is recognised for its benefits to the respiratory tract.
The bottle emits a fine spray into the nose by pushing down on a ring around the rim. I reviewed the junior product, there is also one for babies which comes with a dropper for application.
I was a little worried on how having a spray in the nose would feel to a toddler, but the Little Man reacted quite well. He did say ‘ouch’ when I sprayed but it didn’t really bother him much, he was soon off playing again. I found that he was able to breathe more easily after application and we actually managed a fair amount of sleep, which is usually rare when he has a stuffy nose. After a couple of days use the nose was less stuffy and more runny but overall he cleared up much quicker than usual. I was under the impression that stuffy or runny noses where something that lasted a couple of years! It was so nice to have my Little Man’s nose in good working order again.
I then set the product to work on Star, my 7 year old. Now she must have a constantly irritation in her nose as she is forever wiping it, sleeves, cushion covers, endless tissues, wipe wipe wipe. She often has that crusty red patch all around her nose. So I tried Aqua Maris on her in a bid to help clear up her nasal passage and hopefully stop the wiping. After a few days I noticed that her nose looked clearer, but she is still wiping so I think it’s a habit she needs to break. Hopefully with a clear nose for a longer period she will stop.
I would use Aqua Maris again, and I would recommend it to my friends.

Aqua Maris can be purchased from chemists and health food stores or you can order by phone on 
0191 383 6918
I was sent a bottle of Aqua Maris nasal spray Junior for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

MAD Blog Awards

Nominations have just opened for this years MAD (mum and dad) blog awards. Last year I just stumbled upon them after someone nominated my old blog. I filled in the form missing out quite a few places because I’d not given it enough though before hand. This year I’ve done my research and hand picked nominations for every category. I had to rethink a couple (the baby one had me stumped, I had two but couldn’t use either because the baby birth dates were just before the allowed date in Feb)

So who are you nominating? Ah, no need to answer, but what a lovely way to show appreciation for all the lovely blogs out there, so do please nominate your favourites.

The first week of nomination results are starting to come in and I’m so thrilled to have been nominated in six categories,  Schooldays, Family Life, Family fun, Cooking, Best Writer and Blog of the Year. Thank you so much to whoever nominated me xxx There are still two more weeks to get your votes in and remember the blogs with the most nominations will go through to the finals.

I know I’m shameless but if you do have a nomination to spare I’d be so grateful to receive it. I really want to get through to the next round so I can go to London to the posh awards ceremony with posh frocks galore and copious amounts of alcohol. (click the badge above to make nominations) 

Take a peak here:

Now as you probably already know, I have five children (it’s up there at the top of the page in my ‘blurb’) Two of these are adults and still live at home. If I’m really honest they are just as much hard work as the little ones, who says it gets easier? (not me!) I do enjoy getting the opportunity to spend some time alone with them though.
Last Friday it was no1 son’s birthday (he was 25!! No, I can’t believe it either) and I went out for lunch with him and Eldest Daughter. We also managed to fit in a little shopping and browsing and it brought back lots of memories of the times we used to spend together walking around town for hours. It’s not easy once you have little ones tagging along, not impossible, but certainly not the same. However, now that the girls are at school and the Little Man has his pre-school twice a week, I’m beginning to find more time for such outings.

This week Eldest Daughter decided she wanted to treat me to lunch. The thing with ED is that she has a love/hate relationship with food, the chance to get her to fill up on her favourite nosh is something I rarely turn down. So what food does she love? Japanese! We love to go to Wagamamas, Yo Sushi or Mount Fuji. Each is a different experience so it depends on what mood we are in. Wagamamas is fine if you don’t mind eating with strangers. They have huge tables which are shared by all customers. The food is delicious though, our favourite dish from there is Chicken Katsu Curry. Also a very social experience is Yo Sushi, where you sit around a huge conveyor belt taking off the dishes going by that you like the look of. My favourite here is the Kappa Maki (or cucumber sushi rolls) but I do try lots of other dishes. I tend to grab anything with prawns in. For some reason I always drink far to much sparkling water (it’s on tap) at Yo Sushi.
This week we were in a Bento kind of mood so it had to be Mount Fuji. the restaurant we go to is pretty small and most of the tables have a window view which is great for people watching. We both had Chicken Karage Bento which was gorgeous. If you are not familiar with Bento, it’s a meal in a box with all the different parts of the meal in different sections. Here’s one I had before, this is Sweet and Sour Chicken bento:

I also had a cup of Hojicha latte, which is green tea with hot milk. Hojicha is different because it’s roasted rather than steamed and looks brown rather than green. It’s incredibly yummy.

For dessert we had Matcha Tiramisu;

Matcha Tiramisu
Do I need to say more? Well, ok, matcha fine ground powdered green tea and is often used in desserts. This Tiramisu had a matcha flavoured sponge with a cream and matcha tea on top. It’s one of our favourite of the Japanese desserts. 
Do you have older children? Do you make time to spend with them, does parenting stop when they get to adulthood? 
Maybe things will be different when they have families of their own? That will be a new experience for me. 
(one more question: Am I strange in longing to become a grandma, even though my youngest is only 2 years old?)