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  1. Kim Carberry

    That is great that you will be getting your treatment more often, I do hope it helps. Sending love and hugs. It sounds like you have had a really rough time lately, that is one of the reasons I sent the flowers to cheer you up a bit. I am so glad you had a lovely birthday. It sounds like you are in a much better place now after a good birthday and some Christmas magic. I am so glad.
    Good luck with your treatment and I hope you have no side effects. Your symptoms sound truly awful but it’s good that you know how to manage the seizures. That is good that you got straight in to see your GP and they have given you something to help with your stomach. x

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Sorry that November was such a tough month for you, Anne. I’m glad that the visit from your niece and her baby boy helped cheer you up and that you’re feeling more positive as we head into December. Hope that you get some answers from your GP soon and that all goes well with your hospital treatment this week and you start to feel better again soon x #MMBC

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