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  1. Enda Sheppard

    I will refrain from saying anything much, as it will sound trite, Anne. Deeply moved. Hope something eases for you and you get some relief and release. Love yiur observations and your writing

  2. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    You really are a complete star. Never feel bad, you are amazing. My counsellor taught me to accept that sometimes you can’t do it just now. Build ‘me time’ into your day/week/hour. Some days you need a break and it is what keeps you sane – mental health time. 4 hours of Dr Who probably did you the world of good – as long as it wasn’t Sylvester McCoy…

  3. Jeanna

    I can only imagine that degree of shock and pain. It’s just a coincidence that I talked about collecting spoons in my reply to your comment, but weird. That’s a good visual and I’m glad to be able to share your day.

  4. Angela Webster

    One of the hardest parts of chronic illness is admitting you can’t do it all and have to slow down. I think you are pretty amazing, your positive attitude always shines through in your writing. I hope you have had a much better week this week x

  5. John Adams

    I like the fact you have admitted it got too much for you. Then again, you rested, watched Friends and Dr Who and bounced back. We all need to rest from time to time. And you are right, it is difficult to watch a family member who is ill. Then again, we all need to be mindful and have empathy for what it must be like to live with a chronic illness. Keep polishing those spoons. Thank you for the insight.

  6. Nige

    A truly honest post and well done for taking a rest. Hope something can be done to help improve your condition Thanks for linking to #Thatfridaylinky hope to see you next week

  7. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    You really are a star Anne! I think you do amazingly well, even if it doesn’t feel that way at times. I know all too well with having pulmonary sarcoidosis, how it feels to feel like total shit with no relief. Luckily for me, it has gone into remission, so I have had a break unlike you.
    You keep on winning Mrs, you are a true inspiration. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x

  8. chickenruby

    I feel and hear you. I often wish I had a broken leg that others could relate to then they’d realise that I can only do what my body allows me to do. SOmedays I race off and do things, knowing I will suffer the following few days, the cure apparently is to go to bed, but with neck damage and migraines, if I gave into the chronic pain, I’d do nothing, ever #blogcrush

    • Anne Sweet

      I’m sorry you are suffering too. I know what you mean though, although my illness is visible, my family still take it for granted that I can do as much as I used to. It’s only when I drop that they realise, then I get berated for doing too much! x

  9. Debbie

    Hi Anne, I love the spoon analogy, very descriptive. It must be hard enough facing each day with chronic illness without feeling you have to positive all the time for the sake of other people, but I am a great believer in trying to see the positive in things and doing it with a smile. That doesn’t mean not having bad days or taking time off to just ‘be’… The chap who started the walking group has deteriorating health and watching him struggle brings it home how life can change in a short period of time. He has bad days and worse days now, rarely good days and knowing it’s not going to get better is a hard pill to swallow… I admire your honesty and the way you write about your illness with no self-pity and I do keep my fingers crossed that, one day, they find a cure for yours and many other chronic illnesses out there.

    Thank you for popping by and sharing your story with #keepingitreal.


  10. Lucy At Home

    Oh this really resonates with me. I know I’ve mentioned it to you before that I had a chronic illness for 6yrs (but recovered despite being told it was highly unlikely). But it’s that constant day-after-day stuff that really drags you down, when you know there is no end in sight. But you absolutely have the right attitude – rest for a time, but don’t allow yourself to wallow – life is for living (in whatever form that takes) so make it the best version it can be. Sending much love #blogcrush

  11. Helena

    It certainly sounds like you are in tune with how it affects you and what you need in order to get back to some sense of feeling better again. I’m sure in sharing your experience you are helping others. #MMBC

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