I recently purchased Loss De Plott by Stephan J Myers and the author asked me if I would like a copy of The Colour Red which is a children’s book.

Loss is a little girl who loves to draw and one day one of the characters from her drawings came to visit with a gift, a book for her to record her dreams. 
The story is written in prose and my girls loved the story. We had to read it through several times so they could pick out all the rhyming words. There is nothing like poetry to get the little ones interested in reading for themselves. 
Full of beautiful illustrations the story takes you on a magical journey through dreams and drawings. Completely enticing and enjoyable for all ages.
You can purchase The Colour Red on Amazon and for the month of March Stephan J Myers is donating all royalties to Save The Children charity. How brilliant is that?
You can follow the author Stephan on Twitter and Facebook.
I’ll let you know what I think of Loss De Plott when I’ve finished reading ­čÖé

I’ve decided to lose a little weight. I’ve not really got back to normal after having three kids in seven years and seeing as Little Man is now two I think it’s time I did something about it. So today I’ve started a diet, nothing to drastic, just watching what I eat and quitting all the bad stuff. My bathroom scales are broke, I think the Little Man did it, he breaks everything, so I ordered some more online. Well, they arrived today broken! They are mechanical scales and stuck on 9st. I called up the supplier to ask them about a return and replacement. This is the conversation that followed.

I started by telling her they were scales and they were broken. Then she started giggling and said
“sorry, but my computer is asking if you would like a discount”
I said: “no, they are broken and no use”
She said: “I know, daft isn’t it, maybe they think you could still find a use for them”
I said: “well they are actually stuck on 9st, I guess I could pretend and just give up the diet right now”
She said: “ohh send them over to me, I’ll have them, I would call them Dr Feelgood Scales (they are actually called Dr Style)”
so now we are both giggling and decide that you don’t need diets, just scales that lie.
Calming down she continues
“it could take up to 21 days for a refund, the product has to be returned and tested before a refund is issued”
then she starts giggling again
“I’ve just imagined some fat bloke jumping up and down on them trying to make them go higher”

So I may not have working scales yet, but at least phoning up to complain has made me smile.

Yes, it doesn’t happen that often does it, sunny days in February I mean. Just last week we had snow, and today it’s raining and miserable, but yesterday the sun was bright and it was fairly warm, just perfect for a trip to the Nature Centre. It also happened to be Dad’s birthday so it was really nice to have a day out together.

We let the Little Man loose from his buggy and all three had a real good run around. The girls were intent on giving names to all the animals they saw. First up were the goats and the ostriches. The Ocelot was beautiful but also very sleepy so we didn’t get to see much of her. There were some gorgeous little monkeys, some with gold fur and some with beards, so very cute (but I did notice how sharp their little teeth were!) Dad took the girls in to see the bugs and Boo came out traumatised by the tarantula…mmmm, guess why Dad took them in and not me? I do like the snakes and lizards though. We managed to fit in a play in the little playground where the kids burnt off their remaining energy. So much so that Star decided she just couldn’t walk to the bus stop, and Little Man slept all the way home.
We can’t wait to go back in the summer with a picnic!

My Family and Other Animals

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All to often I am reminded that I’m not getting any younger, just yesterday I had a random thought while on the bus, I will be retiring the year of Little Man’s 21st birthday!
So age bothers me, but only in the sense that I will not be  young while my children grow, but that’s what comes with having children in your forties. There was a time when I thought I wouldn’t be having any more children even though it was something I’d dreamt of. Even when my partner came along I thought that maybe it wasn’t going to happen as we tried for years. Then, along came my three little ones and yes, my older body struggled at times but we did it and they are here and I want to be with them as long as possible. I never really gave up on the dream just because of my age.

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I asked the family what sort of pancake filling would you like?

Eldest Daughter says “banana and Nutella”
Star says “sugar”
No1 Son says “sugar and lemon”
Daddy says “strawberries and cream”

Boo (5) says “sausage, chicken, chips and beans” 
So, after a lot of hard thinking (ok, it was pretty easy really) I decided to make banana and Nutella pancakes. But strawberries and cream sounded nice too. Ok, I made both…with some sugar and lemon ones thrown in. I did decide to give the sausage, chicken, chips and beans one a miss.
First up, I made the batter. I really don’t understand why people buy ready made pancakes. Well, ok, they are less messy, less effort and and less likely to go wrong, but that’s all part of the fun of making them. Anyway, I think they are supposed to be cooked in the microwave, and I don’t own one. I’ve also seen tubs of pancake batter in the shops, just add milk and cook. Again, something I don’t understand, surely, flour, eggs and milk are staples in any household, why would you need a mix?
This is how I make pancake batter. I put flour in a bowl. I don’t know how much, I just tip in enough. Then I add an egg. I’ve made pancakes without egg and they don’t really taste any different in my opinion, but as recipes state add an egg I will add an egg today. Then I add the milk and mix until it looks right. I know, I’m really helpful, but trust me, pancake batter is easy to make.
I put a big frying pan on the heat and add a spoonful of cooking oil. Some use butter but you need the pan really hot and butter burns. Burnt butter is a pet hate of mine. So when the oil is hot I swirl it around the pan and tip it out. (usually into a cup so I can use it again)
Then I add the batter in the middle of the pan and swirl it around until it fills the pan. After a few seconds I will shake the pan to ensure the pancake hasn’t stuck. Then a few seconds later I give it a toss. You have to toss your pancakes, it’s the law! Ok, you can turn them over, but trust me, it’s easier to toss, just don’t get carried away. I’ve never had a pancake stuck to the ceiling. Eldest Daughter reckons that pancakes taste better when your arm hurts, so keep tossing. When cooked plonk onto a plate and fill. This is the best bit, well apart from the eating of course.
So, here’s mine. 
How do you eat yours?
Create your own unique pancakes, take some photos and put them on your blog. Then visit Tots100 and see how your pancakes can win you a fantastic Center Parcs break. Competition ends February 22nd at 4pm so even though pancake day is almost over, you still have time to get your entries in.