Saturday, 27 August 2016

Printerpix Canvas Review and Reader Discount

I was given the opportunity to have a canvas produced from one of my prints at Printerpix.
They have also provided me with a code for my readers to recevie a massive 60% off site wide..that's anything on the site. You can receive this fantastic discount by visiting Printerpix and entering the code RAISIEBAY at checkout. This offer is for UK and Ireland customers only and expires September 30th 2016.

I do love canvas pictures, they always hang so well and you don't need a frame. I wanted one of my three youngest having fun in the garden. Unfortunately, I can't get into the garden because of my mobility issues so I had to trust the Other Half to take it. He did take some lovely shots, but didn't bother to pick up the stray toys scattered around the garden in the background.

I uploaded the print to the Printerpix which was really easy to do. I was then given a rating on my photo and told if it would suit the size of canvas I'd chosen. A lot of my photos, particularly the ones taken on my phone were unsuitable for the larger size canvas, but my camera photos were ok.

One feature that  I really liked was being able to see what the canvas would look like on the wall. You could even scroll through several different rooms on the site to view it.

Canvas prices start from £19.95 and go up to £69.95 depending on what size you chose. I went for 20" by 16" which would cost £37.95.
Here is my canvas on my wall at home, along with my mum's clock.

After ordering, my canvas was with me within 3 working days which was really good. It arrived very well packaged and in excellent condition. The canvas was true to the photo (including the toys scattered in the background) The canvas is on a sturdy wooden frame and it's easy to hang.

Printerpix do not only make canvas, they do many other photographic gifts, from prints to photobooks. I'm a big fan of photobooks and they've taken the place of photograph albums in my home. You can also have your photos printed on cushions, mugs and phone cases.

Don't forget the fabulous 60% discount that Printerpix are offering my readers by using the code: RAISIEBAY at the checkout before September 30th 2016.

Disclosure: I was provided with a canvas print for the purpose of the review. the banner is an affiliate link. 

Friday, 26 August 2016

Star - Word of the Week

It's been a strange week, I don't feel as though I've done much yet a lot has been achieved. I've chosen Star as the word of the week because a lot of the week has been about her.

On Monday and Tuesday Star went to her new secondary school. She stayed all day both days and made some new friends. She was also supposed to go on Wednesday but it was her birthday and although she was looking forward to spending her first ever birthday at school, when the day came she didn't want to go. It wasn't compulsory attendance so I let her off. Because we thought she would be at school we didn't have anything planned for her, but she didn't mind. We did go out, we went to check out the venue for our wedding reception, and then we did a little school shoe shopping.

After shopping we grabbed some lunch from Greggs and ate outside in the sunshine.

I think she's looking so much more grown up now that she is eleven. She's 5ft 3" and her shoes were size 4. It won't be long before she's taller than me.

I made her a birthday cake, last year she wanted a Charmander cake. For those not familiar Charmander is a Pokemon and it evolves into Charizard. So this year we had Charizard on the cake.

Her next birthday treat is a trip to Pizza Hut with the entire family. It's becoming a tradition now, I've tried to persuade her to do something else but she's adamant it's what she wants to do. We will also take a little trip into Build-A -Bear with her birthday money.

Then on Thursday Star had a visit to the hospital to see her neuro consultant about her neck. She has already had her CT scan. The consultant was really pleased and said her neck is doing very well, the bone graft is fusing (which is why she's been experiencing pain and soreness, but that's a good thing) and the pins are in place still. It's hard to believe all that we went through with her neck, two years of worry for us and pain for her, it's such a relief to know that all is well. She will still have six monthly checks because her body is still changing and growing.

She starts her new school on 8th September and she's all ready now. I've even filled her pencil case for her. I was thinking last night that I've not yet had a child that has made it through secondary school, Star could be my first if it goes well. It's quite a worry with her autism, but I've had lots of contact with the school already and another meeting set up for 30th September to see how she's settling in. My fingers are very tightly crossed.

I did think that I would be getting my new car today, but they are only just fitting my adaptations so it will be next Wednesday now. We will still have a week before the kids go  back to school so I'm looking at places we can go in our last few days of the holiday.

The Reading Residence

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Does Screen use Make Your Kid Autistic?

I was reading a blog the other day, quite an inoffensive blog that I read often. This blog had featured a guest post which was also quite inoffensive, apart from one comment 'Is the iPhone and iPad a trigger for autism?'
I felt angry just reading this. It's just not fair, any mum of an autistic child will tell you that guilt is something that many parents feel despite knowing that it's not our fault. It's true that the exact causes of autism are unknown but it's also true that it has not been proved to be caused, or even triggered by outside sources. It is most likely to be genetic and I'm sure one day this will be proved.

Going back to the iPhone and iPad trigger autism statement the post cites two different documents for back up. One states that screen time for under two year olds can be bad. I cannot disagree with this, I don't think babies should be given ipads or phones to play with or be stuck in front of the tv for hours. Small amounts of television isn't that bad, I know one of my babies loved listening to nursery rhymes and other tunes along with pictures for a short time. It's balancing that with time spent interacting and playing with toys with the child. Of course a child will suffer if screens are the only stimulation they ever get. The other document was a study carried out on children in three USA states and apparently shows that autism rose in states where there was more cable television, or more rain to keep the child indoors. The problem with studies like this is that they don't take into consideration other important factors that could be the cause of autism. So, although children watch more tv and from an early age there is nothing to suggest that this was the actual cause, there are far too many other variables like the families income, diet, race and history.

Many autism parents find devices like the iPad a fantastic way of entertaining and teaching their child. Children do love technology and this also goes for many autistic children. I have used one to keep my child pre-occupied while waiting for surgery, she was much calmer than previous times when there was no distraction to stop her from getting stressed and upset. There are many other times when it's necessary to keep a child (autistic or not) calm and pre-occupied and these devices are ideal.This article calls the iPad a 'miracle' device for autism. I don't totally agree but it can be really useful if you have an autistic child.

My children love watching television too. They watch it together and then go off and talk about it, draw pictures about or even play things they've seen on television. This is normal, this is fun, this is not destroying their childhood, it's enhancing it. I have five children, two have autism, they have all been brought up the same and probably watched the same amount of television. My older children enjoyed playing console games together and my younger children have mastered the computer at a young age. I don't believe any of it has harmed them. Only one of my children (one of the older ones) has eyesight problems. I do get my children's eyesight checked regularly though.

My younger children will enjoy spending time sitting at the computer playing games or watching videos. They learn a lot and laugh a lot. They have regular breaks and don't go on if they are feeling ill. They have probably spent more time in front of a screen that myself, their Dad or their older siblings ever did at their age but I don't think it has harmed them. Take them away and they still know how to play together, they have fantastic imaginations and loads of energy. They are not overweight and do not have eyesight problems.

More importantly my children's autism was not caused or triggered by any sort of screen time and I stand by that until proved irrevocably otherwise.

Let me know what you think in the comments? or on my Facebook Page.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Asics Gel Kayano Evo Trainers - a review.

I was asked by Infinities Designer Menswear if I would like to choose something for my Other Half. By chance he was just telling me that he needed a new pair of trainers so of course that's the first thing I looked for.

He went for the Asics Gel Kayano Evo Trainers in Navy Blue.

The trainers have a skeletal logo for support, a full mesh textile upper with a perforated toe and branding to the tongue. They also have alpha gel in the heal a tonal midsole and a sock collar and heel. 

I think that they look smart. I'm not keen on brightly coloured trainers and plain black is boring, so Navy Blue pleases me.

My Other Half is very pleased with his new trainers.

He thinks as well as looking smart they are really comfortable. He loves the mesh because it means his feet can 'breathe' and he doesn't feel hot and sweaty. He feels they are a good fit and easy to wear, he loves the midsole and the gel heels, he said they make him feel like he has a spring in his step. He does a lot of walking so I'm sure these trainers will get a lot of use, especially as they are so comfy. 

I had a little nose around the Infinities Designer Menswear website, just in case I fancied treating the Other Half to something else a bit later...shhh! (Yes, I'm an early Christmas shopper)

This site is choc-a-block with designer brands from Adidas to Henri Lloyd, Paul Smith to Vivianne Westwood. I managed to find a nice Paul Smith wallet that I believe OH would like. 

If you are into your designer labels then this is a good place to shop. Of course with designer labels come designer prices but I did notice a lot of things on sale which prove to be a great bargain.

The trainers I chose retail at £69.95 and a quick Google search tells me this is the R.R.P across most shops, except those with sales on the product. 

In conclusion, Infinities Designer Menswear is a great place to go for men's designer clothing and good for a bargain or two at sale prices.

The trainers I ordered were delivered promptly, well packaged and have tested to be a great product. I'm sure we'd buy Asics again. (Actually, I can't see any reason why I can't have a pair especially as seeing sizes start from UK size 6!) 

Disclosure: I was given the trainers free of charge for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinons are my own and those of my OH. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

My Sunday Photo - 21st August 2016

No the best quality of photo this week, but that's what you get when you are at a party with just your  phone camera! Here are my three all sweaty and exhausted after a session on the dance floor!

The original plan was that my Other Half would take the kids to the party, which was his friends engagement party, and I was staying at home with some friends coming over to keep me company. It turned out that my friends had their dates mixed up (one thought it was Friday the other Saturday and neither could make the other day) so we have postponed our night in for a couple of weeks.

This meant that I was free to go to the party and the Other Half really wanted me to go. I haven't been out in the evening like this since we were on holiday in June and that  was  a disaster. There was no room for my wheelchair, I couldn't move anywhere and panic set in. We even ended up arguing because we were both stressed.

I really didn't want to go but I have to go on living my life despite what's happened to me. So I found some bravery from somewhere and off we went with OH promising that we wouldn't stay very long.

We had a really good night. The kids were on the dance floor from the very beginning and I found space where I felt comfortable. We ended up staying almost to the end. (There was even a disabled toilet in the cubicles, which meant I could tell Boo to go back to dancing as I'd taken her with me to help just in case.)

I'm so glad I was brave enough to go in the end, everyone had a real good night. The only bad part was the venue was upstairs so it took us a while to get in and I suffered a bit quite a lot afterwards because of the stairs. But it was worth it and I've gained an extra confidence point which is always a good thing. 

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