Thursday, 22 June 2017

Word of the Week - Hot

Well, you certainly cannot look back at this week and say that the heat has not dominated it!

We had our Father's Day BBQ on Sunday and the weather was perfect for cooking outside. I have to admit though, two BBQs in one week is a little much, I'll be happy not to have another for quite a while.

On Monday, Boo went back to school after her chicken pox had all scabbed over and they were off on a school trip. She went to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford On Avon. It was really hot and I was disappointed to hear that the children were only given one drink all day! A lot of parents have complained to the school, but it's a bit late now, it's just a good job they didn't have any children faint in the heat. Boo had a lovely day though and was happy to be back with her school friends.

The rest of the week has mostly involved my feeling that I'm melting on the settee with both patio doors open. There is just no escaping the sort of heat we've had this week. Even with fans blowing. Night times have been the worst, the kids haven't been able to get to sleep for ages, and the neighbours think it's okay to let their kids play outside on their bikes and scooters until 10pm. Even when I was a teenager my mum made me be home by 9.30am on school nights, these kids are the same age as mine.

On Thursday night I checked on the kids as usual before going to bed myself and the Little Man was soaked in sweat! I stripped him down and opened his window a little more, but there just wasn't any air blowing in.

I had trouble sleeping myself and I take drugs to help me sleep!  I had the bedroom window wide open and the curtains but it was just so hot and humid. When I did fall asleep I had a nightmare which woke me, and then I heard a car skidding and a loud crash followed by lots of shouting. I thought I was still dreaming, but no, I was wide awake and even hung my head out of the window to hear what was happening. It must have bee a few streets away as I didn't see anything or anyone. I then couldn't get back to sleep wondering what had happened.

We haven't had any storms here yet, and yesterday it was only slightly cooler. I do like a good thunderstorm as it clears the air and makes it fresher. Fingers crossed the weekend won't be so hot and humid.

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Driving Back to the 80s

I was a teenager in the 80s so it's a very special decade for me. I had a boyfriend in 1982 and he had a Triumph Spitfire Convertible. It was incredible driving along with the the wind in my hair, very exciting for a teenager. Sadly, some jealous person filled the petrol tank with sand and the car was never rescued.

One of my favourite 80s programs was Knight Rider, and Michael Knight's best friend was his car Kitt, an AI computer module in the body of a highly advanced robotic Pontiac Trans Am. Kitt was always coming to the rescue and I would have given anything to own a futuristic car like that.  

Then in 1985, Back to the Future was released with the fabulous De Lorean Time Machine Car. I loved the film and I loved the car. Back to the future also had two brilliant sequels featuring the De Lorean which was finally trashed at the end of the third film by a train. A couple of years ago I got to see Paul Bradbury's De Lorean at the Gadget Show Live, which he'd modified to look just like the one in the film.

You can see more cars from the 80s Films and Tv over on Virtue Lease Cars site. How many of them do you remember?

I asked my hubby, Graham, which would be his favourite car from 80s Tv and he said it would have to be The General Lee, a Dodge Charger from The Dukes of Hazzard. In the opening  scenes of the show you see the car fly over a police car!

Back here in the UK, cars were not so fancy, in fact it's hard to find any UK television programs that feature cars, but there is one iconic one. The Trotters Reliant Van from Only Fools and Horses. This one has a special place in my heart as my Dad used to drive a Reliant Van, only his was blue and he did have back windows. 

If you have children born in the 80s they may remember the first appearance of Postman Pat. He's still around today and he's driving his LDV Sherpa Post Van.
" Everybody knows his bright red van, people stop and smile as he waves to great them."

I hope you've enjoyed my road trip back to the 80s. Do let me know your favourite 80s vehicles or let me know if you've heard of the ones I've mentioned here.

disclosure: this is a collaborative post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Teacher Gifts Guide and Competition

It's that time of year when it's almost the end of term and parents start thinking of gifts for their kid's teacher. In the past I've spent ages with my kids making home made gifts or baking cupcakes. Last year I wasn't well enough and this year I find that they are getting a bit old for the home made things so I will have to buy presents again. Thankfully, Star is now in Secondary School so I only have to buy two gifts for Boo and the Little Man.

Do you buy presents for your kid's teacher? Tell me what you are buying this year for an entry into my new competition for a box of Cadbury's Chocolate for sharing. A great way to get the summer holiday started.

First though, please take a moment to browse some of the teacher's gifts that I've found. I would love it if you were to click through as there are lots of other gifts available on these sites and I'm sure  you will find something that's just perfect for your child's teacher.

Box of Treats

Last year I bought Star's teacher a one off box of treats from Boxcitement. She was absolutely thrilled with it. You can find some bargains on the sale page.

boxcitement gift box

Tea Lovers Gift

Who doesn't love a nice cuppa! This gift from Twinings is just lovely and they have many other gifts in their shop too.

twinings tea gift

Travel Books

Why not inspire the teacher to get away from it all during the break with a fabulous travel book like Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travelist

ultimate travelist book

Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Now this is a great gift for any teacher, they can go home, bake themselves a delicious chocolate chip cookie in less than a minute and put their feet up, relax and enjoy! Contains 3 portions to microwave in just 45 seconds.

chocolate chip cookie mug mix

Cat Mug

Do you know that your kids teacher is a cat lover? Well, then they would love to receive this amazing Cat Mug from My Geek Box. You can find all sorts of geeky gifts  at My Geek Box from Doctor Who to Star Wars and much more and prices start from less than £10. So check them out if you are looking for something a little bit different. 
cat mug


Chocolate is a great gift but you could make it even greater buy buying a personalised Dairy Milk bar from Cadburys. You can personalise bars from 110g for £4, 200g for £5, 360g for £7 and 850g for £12. So, something to suit all budgets. It's real easy to do too.

personalised chocolate bar

Competition Time

To get your Summer Holidays off to a good start I'm giving you the chance to win a Cadbury Treasure box full of 18 bars of chocolate for sharing. (or not!)

cadburys treasure box

Fill in the widget to enter and Good Luck! 

Terms and Conditions

1. UK only (sorry)
2. Giveaway closes  21st July 2017
3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
4. There is 1 prize of a Cadbury's Treasure Box
5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
6. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook or any other social media.
7. The winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, with further notifications may be shared on social media.
8. The winner will be notified via email, and will need to respond within 4 weeks otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
9. Prize will be sent out within one week of receiving e-mail details via the supplier.
10.If the prize is not available an alternative may be sent of the same value.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This post contains affliate links, if you click through I will receive a small payment from an affiliate program. Thank you for your support x

The Good Food Show 2017

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the Good Food Show and Gardener's World Live at the NEC Birmingham. I couldn't wait to go but unfortunately we couldn't go when we wanted to. On the Thursday I was struck with a migraine, then on Friday, Star was feeling to sick to go to school. So, we had to go on Saturday with all the kids in tow.

It was a little more stressing taking the kids and we didn't manage to see all we wanted to see. We even did't get to go around Gardner's World Live which was really disappointing.

What we did get to do though is see the lovely, and fit, Joe Wicks cook in the Super Theatre. He was very entertaining and the meals he cooked where really easy but looked so tasty, and they smelt real good too, even nose sensitive Star was enjoying the smell.

Joe Wicks at the Good Food Show

After the show Boo was adamant that she wanted to buy one of his books, so we did! It's actually pretty good and although it's not family aimed, (most of the recipes are for one or two) the recipes are easy enough to adapt and I'm sure Boo is going to be able to make some of them. She wants to start with creamy chicken pie. 

Joe Wicks told us of his hope to smash the World Record for the largest ever HIIT* session at Hyde Park on Wednesday 5th July starting at 6pm. He assured us it was going to be a great evening with lots of entertainment as well as exercise. Please take a look at his website The Body Coach if you are interested.

*HIIT = High Intensity Interval training. Train for 20 seconds, rest for 40, and it's over in 15 mins!

I think Joe was definitely our biggest highlight of the show but we did buy some things that were on offer so here are a few more favourites.

Flower and White had some gorgeous cakes and meringues on show and we just couldn't resist. The cakes were also gluten free which is an added bonus. They were so tasty too, little round cakes of delight.

Laura's Fudge was spotted early on by Boo and we couldn't leave without buying some of the delicious flavours on offer. 

laura's fudge, oreo fudge

The kids were really interested in the Baking Products from Bake and Create and we ended up buying some silicone mould from there.

bake and create moulds
I'm big lover of cheese, although I'm not eating it at the moment, but a little treat every now and then never hurt anyone. So we bought some tasty truckles of cheese from Blacks Cheese.

blacks cheese truckle

The kids went wild for the apple samples at Jazz Apples and I have to say I can understand why, they are so tasty. We had to come away with a bag!

Do check out the Jazz Apples website, they have some great resources for kids!

There was so much to see and do at the Good Food Show. We took a rest and tried to persuade the kids to visit the Gardner's World Live Show afterwards but they were totally worn out. Next time we will have to try and go while they are at school. 

Disclosure: I was given a press pass to attend the event, I've not been asked or paid to write this post, by The Good Food Show or any of the exhibitors mentioned.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Even Super Heroes Have Bad Days - book review

We were thrilled to be sent a copy of Even Super Heroes Have Bad Days, we saw Chris Evans (Captain America) read the story on Cbeebies Bed Time. What a treat for mums and kids alike.

Chris Evans on Cbeebies

The book itself was well received by my super hero loving Little Man. It's written by Shelly Becker and illustrated by Eda Kaban.

Even Super Heroes Have Bad Days
Hardcover: 40 pages
Age Range: 3 - 9 years
Publisher: Sterling (7 Oct. 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1454913940
ISBN-13: 978-1454913948
Product Dimensions: 22.4 x 1 x 27.7 cm

It's a great size book and in hardback with a dust cover. It will likely to be a bedtime favourite for a very long time and is built to withstand this.

Here's the Blurb;

When Superheroes don't get their way, when they're sad, when they're mad, when they've had a bad day...they COULD super-tantrum, they COULD but they DON'T, because REAL Superheroes just WOULDN'T they WON'T! All kids have trouble getting a grip on their emotions, sometimes even young superheroes! But what do they do when they're having a bad day? Colourful action-packed illustrations and a dynamite rhyming text reveal the many ways superheroes (and ordinary children, too) can resist the super-temptation to cause a scene when they're sad, mad, frustrated, lonely, or afraid. From burning off steam on a bike or a hike, to helping others, this energetic picture book has plenty of fun ideas to help kids cope when they re feeling overwhelmed.

The message is subtle but it helps kids deal with their emotions just like the superheroes do. The Illustrations make this book really special, they are colourful and full of detail. My Little Man spent ages looking at them and spotting his new favourite superheroes. 

The superheroes are introduced inside the cover of the book. They are not your regular superheroes but they are still strong and brave with special abilities. like Thrash, Typhoon and Zing, Beastie, Lazer Man and Screecher.

It shows all the awful things they could do if they allowed their emotions to take a hold, like kick, punch and pound, knock over buildings like towers of blocks, use laser eyes to ignite forest fires or screech with an ear piercing sound. But they don't, instead they race to rescue people in need, hatch super-plans to help banish world sadness and chase wanted bad guys with a super-charged zing.

The book teaches children that it's okay if they frown, sigh, or cry they just need to acknowledge their emotions and wait for them to get better.

This is a rhyming book which is always a big hit, and along with the fun colourful illustrations it's a great read which kids will love.

We give this book a big thumbs up!

You can find this and many other fabulous books at the GMC Group website

Laura's Lovely Blog

Disclosure: we were sent a copy of Even Superheroes Have Bad Days for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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